by Matthew Malensek

3RVX 2

volume controller


3RVX began as a project to emulate the volume display in Mac OS X, but has evolved to support even more features over the years. Here's a few things it can do:

3RVX also supports many different customization options, so I suggest you play around a little bit with the settings window to tweak things to your liking.

First-time Usage

When you launch 3RVX for the first time, it will prompt you to select your default language and then display the main volume display window. You can change settings using the system tray icon's menu. Here is the default hotkey configuration:

You can also create hotkeys that eject drives, open the settings window, and exit the program.

System Requirements

General Troubleshooting

3RVX won't start.
Make sure you have Framework 3.5 installed.
I disabled the tray icon and now I can't change the settings!
Run the program executable again and the settings dialog will be displayed.
My settings have caused the program to crash or become inoperable.
Run the "restore defaults" shortcut in the application folder, or execute 3RVX with the /defaults argument.
The control window shows up in the wrong place!
You can actually drag it wherever you want and it'll save its last position.
Something else messed up? Send me an email.


The best way to figure out 3RVX's skinning format is to check out different skin.xml files. There are plenty of skins available on my website that you can download and use to help you get started.

Windows Messages

3RVX supports custom messages to allow skinners or developers to send it commands. For example, your Mac Menubar skin could send WM_3RVX_CONTROL to 3RVX in order to show the control window when the volume icon is clicked. Here is a full list of the messages 3RVX responds to:

The Developer folder contains a couple programs as well as C# code to demonstrate using these messages.


The following people helped make 3RVX possible:

And also all the other beta testers, people who gave feedback, and anybody who put together a translation file. THANKS! :)